Monday, 16 March 2009


Seba Kurtis

Seba Kurtis is working from the inside. Having lived as an illegal immigrant himself, he is well placed to understand his subject on a personnel level. He is not a documentary photographer in the traditional sense, but he does produce documents, and these documents, with their accidental aesthetic and light leaks, rendering parts of the subject only partially visible, are beautifully apt. MP

Sparky Campanella

Sparky's compositions are fragmented, minimalist images which often keep one guessing as to just what you're looking at. These are fleeting, subliminal glimpses served freeze dried and unconcerned with the grand scheme of more "traditional" landscapes. They're also some of the most sensual images I've ever seen. SB

Tim Atherton

Tim Atherton photographs as a way of exploring traces left by people in the quieter terrain vague area's of the city. Photographing cities in the past, has usually involved small camera's and hustle & bustle. More recently it tends to involve banal landscape and large colour photographs. Tim's work avoids both these paths, using mono and honing in on the clues left and the details created by it's inhabitants. He creates beautifully still yet often complex compositions. MP

Jamie Drouin

Many typologies tend to concentrate solely on the objects they seek to catalogue, their subject matter afforded little regard as to background, composition or lighting. Or, they are presented in near absolute uniformity. Jamie Drouin's Iceland Towers however, portrays stark and strikingly beautiful landscapes, each individual photograph as capable of standing on its own strengths as the towers they depict. SB


  1. This is a magic website to those of over 35 and those of us wanting beautiful arresting work without a lot of extraneous comment.

    Very needed and very welcome. Thank you.


  2. Once again, the critics weigh in...