Monday, 27 April 2009

Greg Reynolds- Jesus Days

‘Jesus Days’ is a pictorial memoir of a time in my life that I had preferred to forget. After a period of twenty-five years, I began sifting through dusty Kodachrome and Ecktachrome slides that revealed how I saw the world around me while I was a closeted gay man in a Christian Organization that believed homosexuality a horrendous sin to be avoided at all costs. At this time, I did not see myself as a photographer, but merely as someone who chose to record their observations on film.

Prior to coming out as a gay man and moving to New York City to obtain an MFA in Film from Columbia University, Greg Reynolds worked eight years as a Christian Youth Evangelist. From 1975 to 1983, Greg traveled to American College Campuses in Indiana and Kentucky, working for an American evangelical movement called InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. As a Staff Member and Area Director, he counseled Christian students, lead Prayer Meetings, spoke and participated in missions in Central America and evangelism projects in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida during Spring Break, where Christian students would confront partiers and sunning vacationers on the beach with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.


  1. This series is great. It is fascinating how Greg explored this eroticism through photography at this stage of his life, however conscious of what he was doing then.

    Some of those Christian boys are pretty hot.

  2. Greg - ernie here - great stuff- can't speak to the christian or gay themes ( weird to have those themes in the same sentence - but I digress). Love that the film is vibrant and the subjects are innocent. Vicki will see them later but I'm sure she will agree. ernie