Monday, 27 April 2009

Volume 3...

We have only begun to scratch the surface here at Expiration Notice when it comes to sharing and exposing the work of photographers within our designated demographic. Unfortunately, we have reached the limits of our outreach, and in order to grow, indeed, in order to continue, we would need to expand our resources to attract the quality goods we have thus far been fortunate to publish. It's not a coincidence that most successful publications on the web (or anywhere) have the support of: a nonprofit arts organization or educational alliance, direct corporate sponsorship, the established following of a name brand artist, or the money to make up for all the aforementioned.

Fact is, we're just two guys with little more than a very real love for the medium who tried to address a particular situation, and succeeded (at least in part) in drawing attention to the fact that there is a large untapped volume of quality work out there from an ageless demographic that is vastly under appreciated. And for that we have you, our viewers and contributors to thank.

That said, our current issue provides yet another peak at some very talented and insightful photographers- un(der)heralded though they may be. We're going to take the summer off and see if we can, somehow, someway, secure the necessary resources for ensuring the continuation of your submissions- so necessary to this enterprise. Hopefully, we'll join you all for our next issue come Sept. 28.

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