Monday, 27 April 2009


Bill Vaccaro

Playful, soft focus and coming at you with all the verve and panache of a roadside attraction, Bill Vaccaro's photographs strike one as minor miracles in the land of eternal monochrome. But damnation is never far removed from their redemptive chorus. The clouds ominous, the figures ghost like, the landscape dark and foreboding. It's a tenuous existence of competing contrasts and possible outcomes in life's uncertain unknowns.

Noah Beil
The decisive moment is far removed in Noah Beil's beautiful, large format images which seem to suspend time and place in cryogenic contemplation. His work however, is very much about time, and transformation- and how much can be revealed, and remain hidden, right in plain view.

Tamir Sher

Too many photographers have no guts. I don't mean guts to go to battle zones, or guts to engage with peoples on the edge. Genre swapping experimentation and the guts to have a bit of fun is what I'm talking about. Too many photographers find a groove and stick, for creative types they can be, well, not very creative. Straddling Art, photography and more Tamir Sher is not afraid and as a consequence the creative juices flow..........

Greg Reynolds

One of the original idea's of this site was to not only show current work by emerging photographers, but also to show work that for one reason or another didn't get the exposure it deserved when it was first created. I'm sure that had we had the Internet and blogsphere back in the early 80's then Greg's photographs would have caused a sensation, looking as fresh and contemporary as they do.

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