Monday, 27 April 2009

Tamir Sher- Masters On 45

It's always been natural to express myself with a camera and I'm always surprised how the medium keeps changing and refreshing itself from its very inception. From this perspective I realize that the digital era is very primitive.

For me there is no hierarchy between daguerreotype and digital contemporary photography. One day I can take my medium format camera and use it like a 35mm camera hanging on my neck for a family event, and another day I can use my small digital camera on a heavy tripod to work on a project in my studio.

I work simultaneously on my projects. The circle works are images from a new work in progress called "Masters on 45." I took my old record player and decide to use it in my work before I threw it away. I placed reproductions of paintings by the old masters and my son's super heroes on it and took pictures at various speeds. I investigated how the low-tech record player connects and mixes old and contemporary master paintings with the digital era- creating new representations.

I was born 1966 and raised in Israel and currently live in Tel Aviv. I still have b&w prints that I made in the dark room since I was 8 years old. I've taken photographs all my life, it is simple as that.

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